Donegal Education Centre

Donegal Education Support Centre is an open and innovative Centre which inspires and supports teaching and learning in the educational community. The Arts are an integral part of the cultural, tourism and economic development of our catchment area of Co. Donegal. Therefore, our programme of local courses, initiatives and projects are offered in collaboration with the Arts and Heritage Officers and the many local arts organisations who support us to deliver high quality opportunities to local schools and teachers. The Centre is heavily involved in the CRAFTed Programme.

The CRAFTed Programme gives primary school children and teachers an exciting opportunity to explore their creativity and learn new skills by working with local professional craftspeople in the classroom. Participating schools work closely with a local artist in a very hands on initiative with children’s work being showcased an annual event in the Cultural Centre each May. Donegal Education Support Centre are also part of the Teacher-Artist Partnership (TAP) arts in education initiative that trains teachers and artists to work collaboratively together to provide a 20 hour residency in primary schools.

We also support clusters of schools, through the Creative Cluster scheme, to work together to progress creative projects and to experiment, innovate and collaborate on the design, implementation and evaluation of a collaborative creative learning project. Schools have access to creative people, skills and resources from their local communities.

Here in Donegal, we are fortunate to have fabulously talented crafts and art people who share their expertise in local classrooms and work closely with our teachers throughout the county, providing local supports to teachers and schools in the catchment area.

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Jacqui Dillon, Director


County Donegal Education Centre,
Floor 2/3,
Pier 1,
Quay Street,
Donegal Town,
Co Donegal

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+353 (0)74 9723647




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