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The Everyman - The Beating Heart of Theatre in Cork 

We deliver an ambitious annual programme of work in a beautiful venue that serves the audience of today and builds the audience of the future. The Everyman is a centre of excellence for theatre that engages with and reflects the artistic and civic life of Cork and beyond.

Currently our marketing manager is a Creative Associate as part of the Arts Council’s Creative Schools Programme. Arts in Education is something we believe in and this is reflected in our activities at The Everyman.

  • As part of our annual programme, we produce and present engaging multi-disciplinary professional performances aimed at schools and family audiences.
  • The Everyman also offers talks, workshops and tours for our young audience both within and without of education settings.
  • We create opportunities for engagement and participation at our venue and on tour.
  • We are committed to creating access opportunities for people with diverse voices, abilities and experiences.
  • We offer work experience and internship programmes for 2nd and 3rd level students.
  • We produce, collaborate and support the development of high-quality theatre experiences for young audiences together with established companies and emerging artists.
  • The Everyman creates and commissions new content and resources for teachers and students based on the programme e.g. Asking For It; Revolting Rhymes; Behind the Scenes Tour.

In 2019, 10,000 students from schools and colleges attended a show at The Everyman.

There were 22 Post-Show Talks and 35 Behind the Scenes Tours.

Contact Details

Contact Name

Maev O’Shea
Marketing Manager


15 MacCurtain Street,

Telephone No.

021 4557824




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