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Certificate in Arts in Group Facilitation 

Image copyright - CIT

Image copyright - CIT

Crawford College of Art & Design (CIT) 

Course Starts Early October 2020

The Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate (level 8, 10 credits) focuses on the practical skills of planning and running creative workshops with groups in a range of non-formal contexts. Participants learn these skills through experiential learning processes, taking part in visual arts, drama, dance and music workshops and reflecting on the experience. The focus is on acknowledging the individual within learning, recognizing the importance of play and the need for learning to be engaging. There is a strong emphasis on engaging with diversity and learning to adapt a range of arts approaches to meet the varying needs within a group. The course will provide skills face to face in working in physical workshops, classes, centres as well as facilitation creative engagement online.

What will you be doing?
Exploring ways of working with the Arts through experiential workshops where you will experience firsthand approaches and techniques. Peer working will enhance your learning – exploring planning, design and evaluating working with groups. We are adapting to Covid-19 restriction and see the potential of learning in outdoor environments for participants in the programme and for those participants may work with in the future.

We are inviting participants to join us with a bicycle to access outdoor learning environments. The course will provide skills face to face in working in physical workshops, classes, centres as well as facilitation creative engagement online. The programme will be delivered through blended learning, involving face to face experiential learning and online learning. The face to face learning is being designed to maximise the potential of creative learning in outdoor environments.

Why do this course?

  • Learn approaches to group work that take the emphasis off words and place it on finding your own unique voice within the group through a range of possible arts-based media
  • Develop your creative skills to work with groups
  • Develop and promote confidence and sense of belonging in a group
  • Learn fresh ways to inspire learners in formal and informal learning
  • Develop practical resources and training to work with a wide variety of groups in community, in more specialised settings and in online spaces

Who is it for?

Of particular interest to those interested in;

  • Art Facilitator
  • Arts in Community Practice
  • Arts in Social Care
  • Arts in Education
  • Arts in Health

Applications are recorded on a rolling basis and will close once the course is full so early applications are advised. The course will start in early October 2020.

For further information go to

Or contact Jessica Carson at or +353 21 433 5256





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