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Call Out: Art Facilitators for Frameworks, Cork Art Collection in Schools Scheme

IMAGE: John Mitton, The Macrumpians.

IMAGE: John Mitton, The Macrumpians.

Cork County Library and Arts Service
Deadline: Midnight 29 August 2021

Cork County Library and Arts Service is inviting visual artists, designers and craftspeople to apply for role of facilitators for Frameworks, its 2021 – 2022 Art Collection in Schools Scheme. Six primary schools across County Cork will be participating in the scheme.

The purpose of Frameworks is to:

  • Make visual art available for primary school children to view and engage with in their own schools.
  • Foster a sense of appreciation and understanding for visual art.
  • Support the primary school curriculum.
  • Provide the school with the opportunity to engage with a visual artist, designer or craftsperson.

Cork County Council has a substantial collection of visual art. This civic collection includes works in various media including, painting, drawing, print, photography, video and small scale 3—dimensional work. These artworks were created by emerging and established artists, many of who are living and working in Cork county.

Facilitators will engage with a primary school class for four 2-hour sessions, working with five artworks from the Cork County Collection as their starting point. The artworks will be installed in schools for the academic year 2021— 2022. The art facilitators will create and deliver an engagement plan specific to the artworks and context of the class. This plan should take into consideration the age of the class and other contexts such as geographic, historic or environmental factors.

Deadline: Midnight 29 August 2021

Artists will be paid a fee for these engagements, plus travel costs. A materials budget will be made available to each participating

For more information or to apply, see