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Creativity & Change: Nurturing Change-Makers, Imagining a Better World

Creativity & Change Programme

Creativity & Change Programme

The Creativity and Change programme & MTU Crawford College of Art & Design

Creativity & Change at MTU Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork City, is presently recruiting for their September course intake. This part-time, 20 credit certificate at level 9 is about creativity and its power to ignite empathy, passion and learning about our interconnected and interdependent world. Supported by Irish Aid, Department of Justice, the course supports learners to imagine more humane, just and viable ways to be and to connect with how we think, live, and act in the world.

This course explores how we can utilise the arts to live as connected global citizens, becoming part of the changes we want to see. It will be of interest to artists, activists, youth and community educators, volunteers and all those who are interested in collaboration and the transformative power of art.

Amplifying Voices Scholarships:

The core of Creativity & Change’s work is to explore and address inequality and injustice, which becomes minimised without the perspectives and experiences of a diverse participant group. Creativity & Change are consistently seeking to improve the accessibility of their programme and endeavour to provide opportunities to people who may have faced barriers to accessing education in Ireland, such as those from minority groups. We are pleased to have support from MTU to offer a number of funded places on the course for those who may not have otherwise been in a position to apply.

Duration: One weekend per month from September to May

Course fee: €680 (subsidised by Irish Aid)

For further information and to apply go to or email