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School Tours and Workshops at The Hunt Museum

Image Credit: The Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum

Dates: Ongoing

Join The Hunt Museum for a range of options of tours and workshops in the museum, and online resources for learners of all ages including lesson plans, videos and activities.

Some highlights of the workshops include:


Life in the Bronze Age

Duration: 60 minutes

This workshop encourages pupils to thematically explore the objects and practices of Ireland’s Bronze Age people. It enables them to investigate and use as evidence the Bronze Age collections on display in the Hunt Museum. The handling of replica prehistoric artefacts will provide additional opportunities for inquiry-led learning. Pupils also get to try out some simple prehistoric technologies. This workshop walks the students through the prehistoric timeline as they learn how technologies emerged and advanced from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.


Animal Hunt Online Programme

Date: Watch video to your schedule 

This 20 minute video workshop introduces Primary School students to animal based collections at the Hunt Museum. Students learn how artists throughout history have depicted animals in their art, and why certain animals are important to different cultures. Students will be introduced to the online research tools that will help them complete the Animal Hunt 3D online activity.


800 Years of Fashion Workshop

Duration: 60mins

€3.50 euro per student. Teachers go free! 

In this workshop, students will learn about clothing from eight different periods (between 1200 and 1920), and these societies. These resources, and objects in the permanent collection, will be used as historical evidence to better understand the evolution of fashion over time, and how these shifts in style relate to changes in society.

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