Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey, Donegal

Balor Developmental Community Arts Group

Based at Balor Arts Centre, Balor Developmental Community Arts Group (DCA) runs a number of arts in education projects. With the kind support of local, national and international funding bodies, the Balor DCA has a celebrated history in running educational projects across the North West of Ireland.

Music in Action

The Balor DCA provides expert educational music schemes. All of these lesson plans are based on the ‘Primary Schools Curriculum’ arts education text. We believe that learning through the arts enlivens instruction, increases student involvement, and deepens both the meaning and memory of the learning at hand. Our educational music worker is Seamus Curran, who has been involved with Balor in a number of different guises, from musical director to actor. He has worked in primary schools for the last three years on various musical projects. The Balor DCA is delighted to have the opportunity to expand its arts-in-schools programme with Music in Action schemes of work. The Music in Action programme is a blend of music and education that is child-centered and suitable for all ages. The programme takes place over eight weeks with classes of one hour in duration per week. Areas covered include the introduction to musical instruments, song-writing, practice and performance as well as a focus on life skills such as concentration, observation, speaking and listening, co-operation, team building and - most importantly - creative thinking.

Drama in Action 

The Drama in Action programme is a blend of drama and education that is child-centered and suitable for all age groups. This programme takes place over eight weeks with classes of one hour in duration each week. Like Music in Action, there is also a focus on life skills, including co-operation and team building and sequencing of ideas. Educational drama can also be used as an effective educational tool to explore issue-based themes, linking with other curriculum subjects such as those covered in the Social, Personal & Heath Education curriculum.
The students who have participated on this programme have shown definite improvements in concentration skills, creative thinking, listening skills, class participation, problem solving and teamwork. The programme allows teachers to experience first-hand the implementation of drama methodologies in their own classrooms.


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