Kilkenny County Arts Service

Image copyright - photographer Freddie Greenall - Participants in the Rhyme Rag Ensemble’s as part of the European wide project ‘Borderlines’ 2019

Kilkenny County Council’s Arts Office is focussed on developing provision for young people both within formal education contexts and within the community. We seek to provide access to high-quality, innovative, exciting and engaging programmes for children and young people, to encourage early engagement in the arts and to cultivate deeper appreciation. We work with key partners in the education sector, local stakeholders and community organisations to deliver a range of creative programmes to enrich the lives of young people. We also create opportunities to enable young people to co-create programmes ensuring that their voices and at the core of developments and to promote their ownership. Many of our programmes are long term and multi-faceted as we recognise the benefits delivering long-term, relevant, sustainable, growth oriented programmes.

Current long term provision tailored to the needs of children and young people include:



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Mary Butler, Arts Officer


Arts Officer,
5 Dean Street,
Kilkenny City,
Co Kilkenny

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+353 (0)56 779 4547




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