The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin

Tamara Henderson, Seasons End: More Than Suitcases, March 2 - May 5, 2018. Installation photograph by Denis Mortell.

Co-founded by The Arts Council and Trinity College Dublin in 1978, The Douglas Hyde Gallery is a contemporary art gallery within the grounds of Trinity campus. Alongside a diverse programme of developing, producing and presenting innovative Irish and international exhibitions, the Gallery runs a Learning and Engagement programme that seeks to open out discussion around the exhibitions.

This programme includes free screenings, talks, tours and other events by artists, curators, academics and others. The programme makes connections across disciplines and forms, bringing different creative languages into a broader conversation around the function of art and the role of the gallery.

The knowledgeable and friendly Gallery team regularly offer free tours of our exhibitions to second and third level students, particularly sixth year art students preparing for the gallery question in the Leaving Certificate.

Through the learning and engagement programme, The Douglas Hyde Gallery actively engages with a diversity of communities, from the student and academic community in Trinity, to communities in the wider city, nationally and internationally.

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Rachel Donnelly, Assistant Curator for Learning & Engagement


The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin 2

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01 896 1116




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