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Barnstorm Theatre presents new work for Junior Cert Students

Illustration of a scene from The Importance of Being Earnest of a woman in a pink dress holding an umbrella in a city park walking along a looping path, in the background are a row of town houses at the edge of the park

Image credit: Barnstorm Theatre

Barnstorm Theatre Company

Dates: Thursday 29th February & Fri 1st March 2024 

This month Barnstorm Theatre Company is proud to produce the first Curriculum Play Live for Junior Cert students. This gives an opportunity for students to contextualise course material by experiencing a full production of a play in their Junior Cert curriculum. This play is ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde

This is a great opportunity for students to see the characters, themes, and language of the play in action, and to have fun while learning.

School performances take place on Thursday 29th Feb and Friday 1st March at 10:30am.

School group tickets are only €12 per person (teachers go free).

You can book online  or call the Watergate Theatre on 056 7761674.