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FÍS Film Project Invite Primary Schools to Enter Their Storyboard Storytelling Competition

Image Credit: FÍS Film

FÍS FILM Project

Deadline: Friday 19th April 2024 at 5pm

Irish primary schools are invited to enter the 2024 FÍS Storyboard Storytelling competition.  The FÍS Storyboard Storytelling Competition is open to all primary schools in the Republic of Ireland. Only storyboards created and produced by primary school pupils and their teacher(s) will be eligible, i.e., the storyboard must be the school’s own original work.

To enter schools should create a storyboard that is a visual interpretation of a story, a concept, a topic, a poem or nursery rhyme. Suggested themes are as follows but not limited to:

  • Everyday heroes, e.g. ‘a day-in-the-life of someone in your community who supports others
  • Staycation
  • Local History / Folklore
  • As Gaeilge
  • Curriculum relevant topic, e.g. environmental exploration, climate change, history, science, etc.
  • Time capsule, e.g. school of the future, letters to grandchildren, a snapshot of time
  • An adaptation of a traditional story / fairytale with a modern day twist
  • FÍS film making in schools – what would that be like in the future?
  • The pupils own original story

Judging Critera Highlights:

When reviewing storyboards submitted to the competition, judges will consider the following:

  • Excellence in visual interpretation of a story or concept or topic
  • Excellence in the use of artistic media e.g. a variety of art materials, copyright free images, etc.
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Curricular relevance
  • Support of pupils’ literacy skills development and enhanced learning
  • Use of different types of shots, i.e. close-ups, mid-shots, long-shots, etc. that help to convey the story
  • Evidence that the Storyboards could be developed in the future by the class or group into a FÍS film or stop-motion animation project for entry into the 19th Annual FÍS Film Awards competition 2024.

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