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European Parliament: Art in Democracy Pedagogical kit for Teachers

Image credit: European Parliament

European Parliament

Date: exhibition runs until 18 September

This pedagogical kit aims to provide educators with practical guidance for the exhibition Art in Democracy. Next to a temporary physical exhibition all the material is always accessible online. The information provided takes a more generic approach, so that it is adaptable to educational contexts at international level that vary in the different countries.

The kit is divided into several sections, including:

  • specific information about how the seven selected topics as well as the individual artworks of the exhibition relate to the overarching theme of democracy with a ‘teacher’s corner’ giving some hands-on ideas of students’ own creations;
  • ideas for using the interviews that some of the represented artists gave about their works in the exhibition;
  • a concrete lesson plan based on a methodology following democratic principles and giving a variety of activities that can easily be applied in the classroom.
  • an additional resources list for further information about the EU, the European Elections 2024 as well as links to related examples in art history.

With the next European Elections approaching in June 2024, it is interesting for students to reflect on democracy and what it means to them. Seeing Europe and its democratic values through the eyes of its artists offers the opportunity to address the topic of democracy and democratic values via aesthetic and experience-based learning. Artistic expression can more easily lead to student engagement, facilitate classroom discussions and trigger reflection on this topic.

To download the pedagogical kit and learn more about the European Parliaments art programme, please visit:




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